[Catalyst] OT - long game phishing

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Fri Jul 15 04:43:42 GMT 2016

I just noticed that a list subscriber m.j.coles at asitis.co.uk seems to have been 
hacked and the hacker is playing a longer game, sending phishing email to this 
list and a bunch of others at infrequent intervals to try and avoid a security 

Specifically, the catalyst at lists.scsys.co.uk list has now received 3 phishing 
messages from that sender over a 6 month interval, on 2015 Dec 23, 2016 Apr 23, 
and 2016 Jun 19.

Anyway, those administering this list or others this account is posting to 
should escalate some security response, at least a boot from the list and 
optionally a report to their email host.

-- Darren Duncan

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