[Catalyst] From Development to Production.

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Wed Mar 9 14:57:46 GMT 2016

  It sounds to me like you should treat these text files as the data model 

  ---> Are you suggesting I do something to them, or is this just a linguistic point about what to call or refer to the data as?
  I'm new to Catalyst and previously coded in procedural perl, where I always used a policy of: data - processing - layout.
  I equate that to Catalyst's Model - Controller - View. However, my data was always text files, my processing was cgi scripts, and my layout was always html templates.
  I now code with my processing as subroutines within *.pm files within Catalyst's Controller folder,
  however I haven't touched the View or Model folders - am still reading in html templates, substituting values, and spitting them out as the response to the browser - all within my controllers - it's processing after all.

  In short, I'm happy to call my text files the data model, where before I would have called them the data.
  However - are you suggesting I do anything?

  and yes, do not check it in to your repo.

  ---> I have no idea what repo is. Do you mean repository, for a versioning system? Atm, my versioning system is to download the lib folder from the dev server using Cyberduck, and put it in a folder on my computer hard drive - the folder having a version number. Then I can upload whatever version I want to the production server - normally the lib from the latest version folder created. 

   Rather create a model class to access it
  ---> I will have to research how to do this. My resources include google search, and the Definitive Guide to Catalyst book.

   and configure the path in you config file.
  ---> At present, I am reading the path in from a separate text file.

   When it comes to testing you are going to have to create a sample of those text files under the t/ directory.

  ---> Still learning Catalyst and haven't touched testing. I generally don't get it. Either a web app works, or is broken. I don't get writing code to test if code works. Comes across as some sort of coding narcissism.

  Having said that, you should probably find a way to use a database. It sounds to me like your data would fit nicely into a database and your permissions problems to be less significant.

  ---> Yes, I've painless experience of connecting to a MySQL database. I just hoped I could use Catalyst whilst working in the same simple way I worked before, where turn around was very fast. I just have one small task to accomplish, and some files seemed the easiest quickest way to do it, and I've hit all these permission problems, and I just thought it must be such a common problem, someone is bound to have solved it - so I thought to ask the group.

  ---> Right now my solution is super simple - just use spew, and avoid using append.

  ---> If there's any advice or tutorials on how to sort out permissions, or how to use text files as your model in Catalyst, I'd appreciate it. 

  Hope that helps,

  ---> It was insightful, and has given me something to research. Right now I don't understand enough about how Catalyst works to know what creating a model class involves, and if it will solve the permissions problem, or if it was just mentioned as a way of putting the data folder's path into the config file. I shall look into it, and hopefully won't be ignorant for too much longer.

  ---> And thanks for getting back to me! =D

  ---> Yours,
  ---> Andrew.


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