[Catalyst] HTTP authentication with DBIx::Class

Gerhard Jungwirth gjungwirth at sipwise.com
Fri May 13 15:32:41 GMT 2016


I am using Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class and
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::HTTP with the following configuration:

         my_realm => {
             credential => {
                 class => 'HTTP',
                 type => 'basic',
                 username_field => 'username',
                 password_field => 'password',
                 password_type => 'clear',
             store => {
                 class => 'DBIx::Class',
                 user_model => 'DB::my_user_table',

Which works great. The thing is: I want the user to authenticate in the 
form "username at domain:password" using HTTP Basic Authentication, where 
username and domain are checked against separate fields in my 
DBIx::Class table. (Ideally, domain is checked against a related table 
in my schema)

Is that supported? If not, can it be added? If not, how do you suggest I 
implement that?

Thanks and Cheers,

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