[Catalyst] Applying a global SQL filter on REST controller.

Rajesh Kumar Mallah mallah at redgrape.tech
Mon Feb 6 05:43:50 GMT 2017

Ok i do see some light! that I am exploring.
Sorry for the noise i shall post again if i find a
solution or otherwise even.



list_munge_parameters is a noop by default. All arguments will be passed
through without any manipulation. In order to successfully manipulate the
parameters before the search is performed, simply access
$c->req->search_parameters|search_attributes (ArrayRef and HashRef
respectively), which correspond directly to ->search($parameters,
$attributes). Parameter keys will be in already-aliased form. To store the
munged parameters call $c->req->_set_search_parameters($newparams) and

> Dear Catalyst Experts/Users/Hackers,
> Please guide for the below situation,
> I have put reasonable effort by searching on online
> resources.
> We have an application backed by SQL tables that stores
> data of multiple customers in same table . We have
> many such tables and all of them bear a column customer_id
> for separating the records of one customer to another.
> The security isolation requirement is that one customer should
> not get to see records of other customer. What i have in mind
> is to append an SQL filter customer_id = << customer_id of logged in
> customer >>
> at a global level . The controller modules for each database table are
> being (auto)generated by the helper
> Catalyst::Helper::Controller::DBIC::API::REST The dataset is being exposed
> via REST utilising
> Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API
> Can anyone please guide where such a constraint can be put ?
> Regds
> Rajesh Kumar Mallah.
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