[Catalyst] usage / example for Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST

Rajesh Kumar Mallah mallah at redgrape.tech
Tue Feb 28 14:48:46 GMT 2017

I am trying to use  Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST
to feed jtable with JSON

Eg :

the request

Leads to response:

  "Records": [
      "member_id": 366,
      "holder1": "Jinesh"
      "member_id": 367,
      "holder1": "Gita"
      "member_id": 368,
      "holder1": "Sheela"
  "Result": "OK"

The url contains the parameter 'limit' as i configured count_arg as 'limit'
I need a simple example on how to pass the search param

eg i want to recordset to be restricted to member_id=> 368

could anyone kindly help.
I have done my research before approaching this list.


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