[Catalyst] transforming empty values in request to perl's undef

Gil Magno gilmagno at gilmagno.com
Thu Mar 2 15:54:37 GMT 2017


Are you by any chance using HTML::FormFu? If so, check the "ignore_if_empty" option.


If not, could you please show the code with which you're "receiving" the params and inserting into the DB?

Just curious: when you say "prefilled with nothing", you mean the field is empty, or the field is filled with one or more white spaces (like " "), or the field is a <select> with the first <option> having the attribute "value" equals to ""? Or something else?


On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 10:25:27AM -0500, Rajesh Kumar Mallah wrote:
> Hi ,
> I want to transform request parameters in GET & POST requests
> so that any thing which is empty (string) gets converted/replaced
> my perl's undef (and DBIC's NULL).
> Why i need that:
> ====================
> I have edit form in my web app and some fields in the edit form
> are prefilled with nothing. On submission the DB raises an exception
> that an empty string is being inserted to a integer field.
> Hence I feel like having a global filter that turns all blanks to
> undef.
> The question is where to put this global filter.
> Regds
> mallah.
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