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Config::Loader is intended to be the new standard method of loading  =

configuration data in Perl.


1 Intended features
2 What Config::Loader is not
3 Config::Loader overview:
4 Things we need to handle / consider
5 Proposed interface
6 Use cases

Intended features

able to merge data from multiple directories, files, databases, environment=

variables and user preference files
in its most basic form, provides sane defaults, which just DWIM - very  =

little code required to use
ability to override single config keys for a local setup (eg dev)

complete control and extensibility - pluggable handlers and callbacks to  =

alter the logic of loading and merging data
moose compatible
lazy loading

What Config::Loader is not

a new config file format. Instead, we can use any of the existing formats,  =

as per Config::Any, but adding interfaces to DBI / DBM::Deep / GetOpt, ENV  =


a config writer (at least not yet). The logic of writing back a hash which  =

has been created by merging several different data sources, then overriding=

local settings is way too complex for the initial implementation.

the One True Way. instead, it is intended to provide a solid base for  =

handling the basic operations required by all config loaders. Individual  =

authors can use the style which suits them best.
a single file loader. If all you want to do is to load a single  =

Config::General file, then you probably don't need this module. Although,  =

it's a bit like saying "I won't use Getopt::Long because I just need one  =

parameter from the command line... for now"

Config::Loader overview:

Read configurations from disk/database using information given from  =

arguments and %ENV. Use modules from the Config:: space to do the dirty  =


parse Parse configuration, filter and perform substutions.
merge Order the loaded and parsed configurations into a single usable hash  =

Order the loaded and parsed configurations into a single usable hash.  =

Traditionally, yield a flattened hash.

filter Filter and perform substutions .

Each one of the phases could be a different method, allowing people that  =

subclass from Config::Loader to modify these phases using Moose: around,  =

after, before, etc.

Things we need to handle / consider

See Proposed functionality for a detailed list of proposed functionality.

Proposed interface

After reading the above, see Proposed interface for the first attempt at a  =

proposed interface

Use cases
If you can think of potential scenarios / use-cases which you would like to=

handle, please add them to Use cases

Go to page: Config::Loader wiki

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