[DBD-SQLite] [PATCH] Add online backup support

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Tue May 5 02:11:56 GMT 2009

Tim Bunce wrote:
> Great, but please don't use the old func() interface.  It's *much*
> better for the driver to call install_method() when it loads.
> Then applications can invoke the methods directly, without having
> to use func(). As a bonus, RaiseError etc work with install_method()
> but not with func().
> =

> Either way, driver-private methods should begin with the driver's
> prefix, 'sqlite_' in this case.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the feedback.
I'm not entirely sure I'm Doing It Right, but attached is a different =

patch against trunk, which uses the install_method() method of =

installing functions.

It works, but produces a warning that "backup_ is not a registered =

driver prefix". However if i add "sqlite_" to the front, then I get an =

error that sqlite_backup_from_file() cannot be found.
Although the new methods inside dbdimp.c and SQLite.xs all do have that =


Could you suggest what I have done wrong?

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