[DBD-SQLite] Using System SQLite Instead of Bundled Version

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Fri May 22 20:06:16 GMT 2009

Jonathan Yu wrote:
> On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 6:20 AM, Kenichi Ishigaki <kishigaki at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Besides, debian is not a minor player. I think it's better
>> to send a patch to the sqlite team, which in turn we'll
>> include later when a new version of the library is out
>> (than to apply a local patch that might be lost or forgotten
>> to be applied to other libraries like DBD::SQLite).
> Well, when we write patches, we do so to the benefit of our users. We
> usually forward the bug report upstream on behalf of our users, who
> simply use bugs.debian.org as the single point to file a bug. However,
> if we can't get the upstream to fix it in a reasonable timeframe, we
> result to patching it locally and forwarding that patch upstream too,
> in the hope that they will apply it.


The core SQLite team via sqlite.org is very responsive to bug reports and does 
fix them in a reasonable timeframe, so the best thing that Debian can do is to 
work with them to fix bugs and to only release versions of SQLite that match 
core versions.  Of course, if you continue to write patches also and send those 
upstream with your bug reports, that would be even faster.

Or if you're already at the savvyness of writing patches, then someone on your 
team should apply to Richard Hipp to get a commit bit on the sqlite repository 
and apply your patches directly, so then there's no need to wait for anyone else 
to do something but your fixes are still official.  Note that to get this commit 
bit you'll need to submit a signed form (see sqlite.org) to Richard Hipp stating 
that you grant your contributions to the public domain.

On the side of DBD::SQLite, I have been quite prompt in updating the bundled 
copy of the sqlite library whenever a new release is made.  Already I updated it 
to first 3.6.14 and then within hours of those coming out.

Adam, do you notice when the bundled sqlite library is updated in DBD::SQLite 
version control and if so do you think that it is fair to release at least a _N 
on CPAN when that happens?  You hadn't so far so I wasn't sure.

-- Darren Duncan

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