[DBD-SQLite] Removing the on-by-default referential integrity.

Dami Laurent (PJ) laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch
Tue Nov 3 07:30:50 GMT 2009


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>2.  Having foreign keys enabled by default would only affect 
>people that are 
>explicitly writing foreign key constraints into their SQL.  So 
>in general, why 
>would people write those constraints but not expect them to be 
>enforced?  Maybe 
>for documentation purposes, but in that case presumably they 
>also had other 
>means to keep their data clean, and if enforcing foreign keys 
>becomes active 
>that should not cause an immediate break if their replacement 
>practices were 
>doing their job.

The old SQLite doc had a page explaining how to enforce foreign key constraints through hand-written triggers (and there was a utility to generate SQL code for such triggers). So when upgrading to 1.27, applications who used this technique will have both their old-style triggers and the new-style builtin FK enforcement code, competing to implement FK constraints. I have no idea if both can live happily side-by-side. 

Anyway it's not specific to DBD-SQLite, because the same question must be asked for plain SQLite applications. Was it ever mentioned in the Sqlite mailing list ?

Cheers, Laurent Dami

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