[DBD-SQLite] Removing the on-by-default referential integrity.

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Nov 4 04:04:20 GMT 2009

Adam Kennedy wrote:
> The fact support is still light is all the more reason to get optional
> support out there in wide distribution, so more than just this mailing
> list have a chance to test it thoroughly.
> At the moment, we're holding up this testing to just the people
> willing to play with potentially unstable releases.
> As for why have a prod release, because of all the other fixes and
> changes we've got bundled up. We finally pass our test suite
> completely everywhere, so far as I can tell from CPAN Testers. I
> really want that out there.

Well, as I said before, I support putting out a stable DBD::SQLite right now 
with the foreign key enforcement disabled by default, so that foreign keys can 
be experimented with and all the other bug fixes can go into production.  So go 
ahead with it right away as far as I'm concerned. -- Darren Duncan

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