[DBD-SQLite] ANN - DBD::SQLite 1.27 - test it!

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Mon Nov 23 22:10:25 GMT 2009


I am pleased to announce that DBD::SQLite (Self Contained RDBMS in a Perl DBI
Driver) version 1.27 has been released on CPAN (by Adam Kennedy).


This release is the newest one intended for production use and has no known 
serious bugs.  The previous version for production was 1.25, which was released 
on 2009 April 23.

There were many improvements and changes between these 2 versions, and many bugs 
fixed; see http://cpansearch.perl.org/src/ADAMK/DBD-SQLite-1.27/Changes for a 
complete list.

Just a small number of these are, since 1.25:

     - The bundled SQLite is version is now 3.6.20, up from 3.6.13 (both were 
the Amalgamation).

     - Foreign key constraints are now supported and enforceable by SQLite. 
However, to aid backwards compatibility and give you a transition period to 
ensure your applications work with them, this feature is not enabled by default. 
  You enable (or disable) foreign key enforcement by issuing a pragma.

     - Read the Changes file linked above, especially the sections that say 
"changes which may possibly break your old applications".

As usual, testing of this release is appreciated and recommended.

If you use referential stuff in your schema (which SQLite ignores by default 
now) should do extensive testing to ensure that they will work when you issue 
"PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON".  It is anticipated that foreign keys will be enabled 
by default within 1 or 2 production releases, and you will have to cope with it.

If you want in to DBD::SQLite development, then join the following email/IRC
forums which MST created (the mailing list, I am administrating):


   #dbd-sqlite on irc.perl.org

And the canonical version control is at:


Patches welcome.  Ideas welcome.  Testing welcome.  Whining is also welcome!

If you feel that a bug you find is in SQLite itself rather than the Perl DBI
driver for it, the main users email forum for SQLite in general is at:


... where you can report it as an appropriate list post (the SQLite issue
tracking system is no longer updateable by the public; posting in the list can
cause an update there by a registered SQLite developer).

Please do not reply to me directly with your responses.  Instead send them to
the forums or file with RT as is appropriate.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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