[DBD-SQLite] test DBD::SQLite 1.26_06 please

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Oct 28 19:45:20 GMT 2009


I am pleased to announce that DBD::SQLite (Self Contained RDBMS in a Perl DBI
Driver) version 1.26_06 has been released on CPAN (by Adam Kennedy).



Please bash the hell out of the latest DBD::SQLite and report any outstanding
bugs on RT.  Test your dependent or compatible projects with it, which includes
any DBMS-wrapping or object persistence modules, and applications.

This developer release includes both several changes which *might break your 
applications* if not accounted for, and it has a lot of code refactoring.

This release should also fix the known problem with full-text search (FTS3) that 
was reported in the 1.26_05 release but had existed in many prior versions; the 
included test for that problem now passes.

 From the Changes file:

     - Removed undocumented (and most probably unused) reset method
       from a statement handle (which was only accessible via func().)
       Simply use "$sth->finish" instead. (ISHIGAKI)
     - Now DBD::SQLite supports foreign key constraints by default.
       Long-ignored foreign keys (typically written for other DB
       engines) will start working. If you don't want this feature,
       issue a pragma to disable foreign keys. (ISHIGAKI)
     - Renamed "unicode" attribute to "sqlite_unicode" for integrity.
       Old "unicode" attribute is still accessible but will be
       deprecated in the near future. (ISHIGAKI)

     - You can see file/line info while tracing even if you compile
       with a non-gcc compiler. (ISHIGAKI)
     - Major code refactoring. (ISHIGAKI)
     - Pod reorganized, and some of the missing bits (including
       pragma) are added. (ISHIGAKI)

The bundled SQLite version (3.6.19) is unchanged from last time.

If you want in to DBD::SQLite development, then join the following email/IRC
forums which MST created (the mailing list, I am administrating):


   #dbd-sqlite on irc.perl.org

And the canonical version control is at:


Patches welcome.  Ideas welcome.  Testing welcome.  Whining is also welcome!

If you feel that a bug you find is in SQLite itself rather than the Perl DBI
driver for it, the main users email forum for SQLite in general is at:


... where you can report it as an appropriate list post (the SQLite issue
tracking system is no longer updateable by the public; posting in the list can
cause an update there by a registered SQLite developer).

Please do not reply to me directly with your responses.  Instead send them to
the forums or file with RT as is appropriate.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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