[DBD-SQLite] load_extension("perlvtab.so")

Dami Laurent (PJ) laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch
Fri Oct 30 08:04:50 GMT 2009

>Also, currently DBD::SQLite doesn't fully expose the subset of 
>sqlite3 C API required by SQLite::VirtualTable. I have been 
>playing with DynaLoader::dl_find_symbol_anywhere() to get 
>direct access to it but this approach doesn't seem to be 
>portable... probably the easiest way would be to just 
>integrate SQLite::VirtualTable into DBD::SQLite and maintain a 
>different version for usage outside of perl.
>Any thoughts?
>- Salva

That's exactly the way to go. So this means exposing the
sqlite3_create_module() function in DBD::SQlite API, and creating a
wrapper layer that can sit as a (struct sqlite3_module*) and will call
Perl methods for every callback defined in that structure. Apparently
part of that work is already implemented in SQLite::VirtualTable (which
I didn't know so far) and can be copied from there.

Extending DBD::SQLite in that way could probably trigger many
interesting new applications. 

This sounds like an exciting project, so I'm willing to help working on
it if needed, or even taking the lead if nobody else does, but I won't
have time before Christmas holydays (I mean Chrismas 2009, not Perl6
Christmas !).

Cheers, Laurent Dami

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