[DBD-SQLite] problem with sqlite under mod_perl

Jiri Pavlovsky jira at getnet.cz
Tue Apr 27 20:37:50 GMT 2010

> Hello,
> With a command line perl script I created and populated an sqlite3
> database. When I tried to access the db file in a mod_perl
> application, all I get is an error called "not an error". I can't do
> In a command line script, I do this:
> print $dbh->{sqlite_version} . "\n";
> print "$DBD::SQLite::sqlite_version\n";
> and I get:
> 3.6.22
> 3.6.22
> In a mod_perl handler, I do this:
> warn $dbh->{sqlite_version} . "\n";
> warn "$DBD::SQLite::sqlite_version\n";
> and I get this in the apache error log:
> 3.3.6
> 3.6.22
> Now, how is it possible for it to be two different versions at the
> same time? I think this is where the problem lies.

I had the same problem. Turns out that DBD::SQLite comes with its own 
sqlite code bundled and doesn't use the system library by default.

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