[DBD-SQLite] SQLite 3.7.x problem fixed, please dev-release

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Tue Aug 24 23:53:22 GMT 2010

Update ...

Thanks to Niko Tyni (Debian Perl Group), a patch to fix the incompatibility with 
SQLite 3.7.x has been handed to us via RT ( 
https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=60698 ).  It was just 3 lines for 

The patch was written against 1.29 but I tested it against both 1.30_03 and 
trunk and it fixed the test failures under 3.7.x for both.

Since my earlier report of this problem, 3 more SQLite releases came out, and 
I've added all 3 to DBD::SQLite at the time; 3.7.2 is now the latest; upgrading 
to it is officially recommended for users of all prior releases.

I also un-TODO'd 3 other tests which now pass, but didn't in 1.30_03.

I also skipped-all t_44891_strings_look_like_numbers.t which has a few 
still-failing tests (some large integers are formatted in scientific notation 
like floats) so that we can ship the 3.7.x fix ASAP.

That test had been added after 1.30_03 came out, and fails with that release too.

Adam, can you please cut 1.30_04 now?  (Don't forget to update the release date 
in the Changes file.)

The test suite all passes now, for me.

The t_44891_strings_look_like_numbers.t will still need dealing with somehow 
prior to a non-dev release, I suppose.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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