[DBD-SQLite] SQLite 3.7.x problem fixed, please dev-release

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Thu Aug 26 04:40:20 GMT 2010

Toby Corkindale wrote:
>> That all being said, how much time do you need to do your stress test?
>> Two weeks?
> I and my colleagues should be able to get some testing done in the next 
> fortnight, sure.
> I suspect many people will only catch the announcement via your posts on 
> other DB-related lists, so may take a while to get around to testing as 
> well.
> Things will probably be OK in the end, but I do want to suggest that 
> there isn't a huge rush to get a "stable" version released to CPAN, so 
> maybe when there are "major" released like this, you could give people 
> weeks rather than days to test them in?
> Thanks for your understanding,
> Toby

In any event, Adam is the one that actually does releases.  I make suggestions 
about releases, and any comment I made about in-a-week should just be read as 
"might happen that way" rather than a promise.  Given your input, I suggest that 
Adam waits 2 weeks and then releases 1.31, barring any show-stoppers being 
reported. -- Darren Duncan

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