[DBD-SQLite] ok to add a Makefile.PL knob for enabling RTREE support

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Thu Aug 26 18:58:07 GMT 2010

George Hartzell wrote:
> I use SQLITE's Rtree code and as the Makefile.PL currently stands I
> need to unpack it, add -DSQLITE_ENABLE_RTREE' to @CC_DEFINE, repack
> the tarball and then install it by hand instead of just being able to
> use cpan.
> I'd like to propose (and I'd be happy to generate a patch) something
> along the lines of adding a check for an environment variable like
> DBD_SQLITE_ENABLE_RTREE and if it's present/true/... then adjust
> Any reason this approach won't work or is a bad idea?
> Thanks,
> g.

Considering the present circumstances, I would suggest that DBD::SQLite have a 
feature freeze until 1.31 comes out, so that if the present 1.30_04 is found to 
not cause problems, testers can be confident that 1.31 is the same.  And then 
changes such as you suggest can be considered.

Meanwhile, feel free to submit an RT item for this request so it can be better 
tracked.  Including a patch would make it get applied sooner than otherwise.

-- Darren Duncan

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