[DBD-SQLite] SQLite 3.7.4 changes dist version formats

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Dec 8 05:40:40 GMT 2010


Starting with today's SQLite 3.7.4, the amalgamation file (and other dist files) 
now are named differently.  What would have been 
http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite-amalgamation-3.7.4.tar.gz is now 
http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite-autoconf-3070400.tar.gz instead.

There is a bit of discussion on this change on the SQLite users list.

I have already committed updates to getsqlite.pl to handle this, as r13338; then 
I updated to 3.7.4 successfully as r13339.

While the new getsqlite.pl "works for me", it would be helpful for others to 
test it.

My changed version should still work correctly with all prior SQLite versions 
that it worked with, plus the new one.  Moreover, it lets users specify the 
version to fetch using both the old and new formats, so they don't even have to 
know about the change.

I suggest waiting a couple days in case there are further dist format changes, 
and then if none, ...

Adam, could you please push another developer release to CPAN?

This would then make it possible for users to upgrade to the latest SQLite 
without doing it manually, since the old releases' getsqlite won't work for 3.7.4+.

Also, 3.7.4 has other feature changes we might want to be aware of as 
http://sqlite.org/changes.html says.

Thank you.

-- Darren Duncan

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