[DBD-SQLite] Re: [sqlite] SQLite bug ticket - build fails on sun4-solaris-64int 2.10

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Sat Jan 2 08:44:54 GMT 2010

Roger, thank you for this quick response, and for your tips.  So from the looks 
of what you're saying, the problem is actually related to something that the 
DBD::SQLite build process is doing inadequately, so now I suspect the ball will 
go back there to be dealt with.  Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

Roger Binns wrote [to sqlite-users at sqlite.org]:
> Darren Duncan wrote:
>> I would like to bring an apparent SQLite bug to the attention of the SQLite core 
>> developers as a ticket, where build fails on sun4-solaris-64int 2.10
> You'll find this is not a bug in SQLite.
>> cc: Fatal error in /opt/sunstudio12.1/prod/bin/cg
>> cc: Status 139
>> *** Error code 139
> That is the compiler crashing (signal 11, SIGSEGV).  This sort of thing
> usually turns out to be an optimiser bug and likely won't happen if you
> disable optimisation, or compile the files individually rather than
> using the amalgamation.  Alternatively use a working compiler like gcc.
> Incidentally three of your defines are dodgy:
> There is never any need to specify this - all that stuff is handled
> internally.
> That name is not used anywhere in the SQLite source I could find.  Even
> if it was, implying 4 byte pointers on a 64 bit machine seems dangerous.
> Really?  What is wrong (and less likely to cause the unwary grief) than
> the default of 1?
> The other flags seem to be guessed.  There is no need to tell a 64 bit
> system that file offets are 64 bits.  The only 'have' is HAVE_USLEEP but
> the system likely has LOCALTIME_R and GMTIME_R too as well as several
> other header files.
> If you do not want to build SQLite using its build system then the
> approach I take is to run SQLite's configure, grab the DEFS = line out
> of the resulting Makefile and generate a .h file with the relevant -D
> turned into #defines.  If you define _HAVE_SQLITE_CONFIG_H then SQLite
> will #include any config.h so you can dump your #defines in there.
> Roger
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