[DBD-SQLite] Re: [sqlite] SQLite bug ticket - build fails on sun4-solaris-64int 2.10

Adam Kennedy adamkennedybackup at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 04:48:04 GMT 2010

Apologies, that should be...


2010/1/3 Adam Kennedy <adamkennedybackup at gmail.com>:
> The build code we're using is run across all operating systems.
> You can see the actual build script here.
> http://ali.as/cpan/trunk/DBD-SQLite/Makefile.PL
> Unfortunately, we neither have the ability to run configure (as we
> don't have reliable access to /bin/sh or any of the other stuff it
> needs) or the ability to use a pregenerated static configuration
> across all platforms.
> But your other comments are welcome.
> I've removed the useless pointer size flag, and commented out the core
> flag until we can determine why it was there in the first place
> (there's a new team looking after DBD::SQLite since about March last
> year, and some stuff is definitely grandfathered in from long ago).
> Adam K
>>> The other flags seem to be guessed.  There is no need to tell a 64 bit
>>> system that file offets are 64 bits.  The only 'have' is HAVE_USLEEP but
>>> the system likely has LOCALTIME_R and GMTIME_R too as well as several
>>> other header files.
>>> If you do not want to build SQLite using its build system then the
>>> approach I take is to run SQLite's configure, grab the DEFS = line out
>>> of the resulting Makefile and generate a .h file with the relevant -D
>>> turned into #defines.  If you define _HAVE_SQLITE_CONFIG_H then SQLite
>>> will #include any config.h so you can dump your #defines in there.
>>> Roger

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