[DBD-SQLite] SQLite 3.6.23 now released and bundled

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Tue Mar 9 23:54:51 GMT 2010


SQLite 3.6.23 has now been released, following its new regular bimonthly 
schedule from January's 3.6.22.

After 2 problematic http://sqlite.org/sqlite-amalgamation-3.6.23.tar.gz tarballs 
earlier this afternoon (the first attempt being a copy of 3.6.22 and the second 
attempt having multiple copies of 3.6.23 in sqlite3.h and sqlite3.c), the 3rd 
attempt (that I observed) version on sqlite.org 20 minutes ago seems to have 
corrected all these issues.

And so I have checked in that 20-minutes-ago version to the DBD::SQLite 
repository, and both the current head as well as the CPAN version 1.29 do build 
and pass all their tests with 3.6.23, on my machine.

Since some of you were waiting for 3.6.23 before doing a release, that reason 
for waiting is no longer needed, though I recommend it be a developer release 
considering the various changes made both there and in DBD::SQLite since then.

I have also observed an outstanding bug in DBD::SQLite head which I didn't fix, 
where "make realclean" doesn't remove these 2 files:


... those 2 files being related to changes in head after 1.29 went out.

That bug may also be a symptom of a build system issue that effects more things.

-- Darren Duncan

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