[DBD-SQLite] source distribution?

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Fri Oct 22 04:06:28 GMT 2010

I seem to recall a discussion like this occurring at the start of 2009 when I 
first proposed taking over the DBD::SQLite development, just before Adam ended 
up doing so instead (which I am eternally grateful for) ... or it was had a few 
months later.

I think that it is best to just keep doing what we're doing, which is to bundle 
the SQLite 3 Amalgamation with DBD::SQLite, and to only certify that any 
particular DBD::SQLite will work with the SQLite 3 it bundles, and that users 
trying any other combination are taking their chances.

I think that not bundling SQLite 3 is more hassle than bundling it.

-- Darren Duncan

kenichi ishigaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> obra suggested me that it might be better for us to prepare a source
> distribution
> like DBD-SQLite-Devel (or Alien-SQLite, maybe) and not to install sqlite3.[ch]
> by default. As it's essential for extension authors to have the exact
> source files
> used to compile/install DBD::SQLite, I don't think it good to stop source files
> installation without providing any alternatives, but there may be a better way.
> There are several things we also need to consider:
> - Bundling source files is nice as it makes installation and
> maintenance much easier.
> - Installing source files is not always necessary for everyone,
> especially for those
> who don't need extensions like custom FTS tokenizers.
> - SQLite source files are fairly large (over 4 mb), and they are cumbersome
> when you create a binary distribution of something that uses DBD::SQLite
> (obra's case; he noticed this while he was packaging RT)
> - If we decide to prepare an SQLite source distribution, we need to ship two
> distributions when we release.
> - It would be possible to release source distribution separately, as soon as
> the upstream sqlite team release an update, though this might cause serious
> version inconsistency, and/or too many combinations of sqlite/DBD::SQLite
> versions, which we know was quite annoying (this is why we don't allow to
> use system sqlite).
> - No matter what we do, version inconsistency may occur when we upgrade
> DBD::SQLite or extensions. We can warn or force to upgrade others while
> installation process, but not sure which is better.
> There must be more to consider, but anyway, what do you think?

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