[DBD-SQLite] new 3.7.5 and getsqlite.pl breaks again

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Tue Feb 1 09:16:18 GMT 2011


So, SQLite 3.7.5 has just come out.

While the distro filenames have remained stable since the 3.7.4 change, it 
appears that the names of the directories they unpack to changed.  Also, it 
seems as if 3.7.4 and 3.7.3 may have also retroactively changed, or the latter 
was broken for the last month somehow despite working in early Dec.

As soon as I get a tuit, maybe tomorrow, I plan to update getsqlite.pl again to 
use a more generic solution so that it doesn't have to care about the variety of 
names that a source tarball could untar to, as it does now.

While it would be nice if "tar zxvf sqlite.tar.gz" could be updated to 
explicitly name the result, as we can explicitly name sqlite.tar.gz, it doesn't 
appear to.

So, my current thought is to change getsqlite.pl to create/use a new subdir, 
maybe call it "downloads", then pull and unpack sqlite.tar.gz there rather than 
in the DBD::SQLite root dir, then readdir "downloads" and use whatever folder is 
there regardless of its name, and use it like the old folder.

Feedback is appreciated as to whether that would be the best solution or whether 
there would be a better one.

Also let me know if there's a different folder name I should use than "downloads".

-- Darren Duncan

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