[DBD-SQLite] DBI, DBD::SQLite and threads

Adam Kennedy adamkennedybackup at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 04:19:11 GMT 2012

I've noticed there's a lot of movement at the moment on DBI, threading
and performance.


In Padre we've always stuck to the use of DBI only in the parent
thread, but the time is fast approaching where it would be very handy
to run multiple database connections for things like background
indexing of code and the like.

I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with DBD::SQLite and
threads, or can speak with some authority on where we are with regards
to them (I do know that the CLONE method seems to blank out the driver
structure forcing it to load again in the new thread).

Regardless of whether they currently work or not, I'd like to be able
to write a =head2 section in the POD documentation stating our current
position on threads and recommendations before the next release.

If they can be used in threads, it would be nice to be able to write a
DBD::SQLite::Cookbook entry on using threads.

I'm happy to do the POD writing myself if someone wants to just reply
with information to the mailing list.

Thanks all

Adam K

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