[DBD-SQLite] might Alien::Base be useful to DBD::SQLite development?

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Sat May 11 01:33:43 GMT 2013

I remember, a few years ago around when this mailing list started, there was 
some discussion about that one way to help make DBD::SQLite development easier 
was to make use of something called "alien", a project to help use C libraries 
from Perl without having to explicitly code XS or wrappers to do so, and maybe 
pull it from the internet too, or something like that.

I see now that this project may have been realized to the point that we can try 
using it for DBD::SQLite at least experimentally:


So if there are any interested parties, there's something for you to play with.

-- Darren Duncan

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