[Dbix-class] retrieve_from_sql

Emanuele Zeppieri ema_zep at libero.it
Tue Aug 2 10:25:10 CEST 2005

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> Maybe you could provide some use cases for joins for me to incorporate
> into my planning rather than just telling me a module we aren't using
> doesn't support them? :)

Ouch! I really didn't mean to be provocative ;-)
I was just trying to answer this straight question by you:

> Can you provide me with a concrete example of where 
> SQL::Abstract is less legible than writing the SQL yourself?

but I probably took it too literally (and too obtusely).
My fault, sorry.

> Rubbish.

I could further speculate that, in general, raw SQL plus some user
provided metadata is an easier route  (both for you and the users of
your module) than the burdensome task of replicating every SQL construct
(consider also the proprietary extensions) in a new abstract-like

But, as said, these are only abstract (no pun intended ;-) useless
speculations, until I have a chance to have a look at your code and
When this will happen, I'll be more than happy to provide a concrete
help whenever I can (as I already did with Sweet - though admittedly it
was a negligible contribution ;-)

I want also to stress that I'm very grateful to you for you great work,
and my criticism is intended *only* to try to contribute to your work.

> I'm a great believer in "let the user get at the
> raw stuff if they want" but also in "but make sure they know 
> that's what they're doing and the downsides are their problem"
> - hence wanting to mark it non-core at some stage.

Great. That was exactly what I was hoping for.


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