[Dbix-class] Using Class::Std under-the-hood

John Siracusa siracusa at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 11 21:13:22 CEST 2005

On 8/11/05 2:46 AM, Dan Sully wrote:
> What are the performance implications of using Class::Std?
> One of the things that make DBIx::Class promising is the reduced overhead as
> compared to Class::DBI. If the fundamental building blocks are changed to
> something that greatly increases the overhead, I personally do not see a net
> gain.

I just created a benchmark suite that includes Class::DBI,
Class::DBI::Sweet, and DBIx::Class.  It's part of version 0.65 of
Rose::DB::Object, but you can also use it as a way to compare the
performance of DBIx::Class to the other modules.

To spoil the surprise somewhat, I'll say that DBIx::Class's promised
"reduced overhead compared to Class::DBI" is a mixed bag.  In some scenarios
it's significant, but sometimes the tables are turned.  Of course, every one
of these modules is sub-1.0, so things may change in the future.

I just uploaded to CPAN, so there may be a delay before it shows up on your
local mirror.  In the meantime, other CPAN authors can login to PAUSE and
download it from here:



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