[Dbix-class] Re: [Catalyst] relationship or user problem

Will Hawes info at whawes.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 23:08:35 CET 2006

Wijnand Wiersma wrote:
> Op 6-feb-2006, om 18:09 heeft Will Hawes het volgende geschreven:
>> Strictly speaking this is a DBIx::Class question, so CC'd to that list.
> Ok, I wasn't sure it was a pure DBIx::Class question but I am convinced 
> now.
> I will CC too.
>> What version of DBIx::Class are you using, and what do you get if you 
>> dump the contents of a) c.user.user and b) c.user.user.pskills?
> Version 0.05000
> Well, when I use $c->log->dumper($c->user->user); I get 453 lines of 
> output. It seems it dumps everything known to Catalyst.
> Are all those lines needed?
> Anyway, that dump is at http://nedbsd.nl/~wijnand/catalystdump1.txt

According to the dump, your bsdjobs::Model::DBIC::Person object has a 
relationship named "pskill" but none named "pskills". Perhaps a typo is 
to blame (double check what is in your has_many declaration for that 

> It did not help me much but I don't know where to look.
> I don't know what the second one to dump should be, I tried 
> $c->user->user->{pskills} but that one was undef and 
> $c->user->user->pskills() resulted in
> Can't locate object method "pskills" via package 
> "bsdjobs::Model::DBIC::Person"

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