[Dbix-class] Praise

Will Hawes info at whawes.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 11:12:24 CET 2006

apv wrote:
> I too am interested in migrating and I'm still trying with one project but
> I'm still using CDBI for a couple others because of the state of
> the DBIC documentation (I've talked with Matt about this and I'm still
> using his code with Sweet) makes many simple things fairly
> painful to figure out. Matt has been *fabulous* about answering
> my lame questions but I can't ask him, or the list, 15 questions a
> day that would be better covered in 10 paragraphs of POD.
> I know Matt is not a big documentation guy so I implore any
> users who are adept and up to date on the packages to put
> together some POD here and there as able and get Matt
> to patch it in.
> -Ashley

The mailing list archive is hugely useful in improving the docs because 
it gives authors a feel for exactly what needs further explanation.

If anything isn't explained clearly enough, please direct specific 
questions to the list so they can be addressed by the docs.

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