[Dbix-class] Announcement: DBIx-Class-0.06999_02

Alan Humphrey alan.humphrey at comcast.net
Sat Jun 10 05:46:22 CEST 2006

Could someone expand on this:

        - NoBindVars + Sybase + MSSQL stuff

If it does what I think it does then I can throw away some code I've got to
get around the fact that the FreeTDS library doesn't support bind variables.


- Alan

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Subject: [Dbix-class] Announcement: DBIx-Class-0.06999_02

A new developer release of DBIx::Class, 0.06999_02, has been uploaded
to PAUSE in preparation for 0.07000. It will soon be on your local
CPAN mirror.

There are lots of bugfixes and tests in this release, so please test
it and let us know if anything breaks.

Changes since 0.06999_01:

0.06999_02 2006-0609 23:58:33
        - Fixed up POD::Coverage tests, filled in some POD holes
        - Added a warning for incorrect component order in load_components
        - Fixed resultset bugs to do with related searches
        - added code and tests for Componentized::ensure_class_found and
        - NoBindVars + Sybase + MSSQL stuff
        - only rebless S::DBI if it is still S::DBI and not a subclass
        - Added `use' statement for DBD::Pg in Storage::DBI::Pg
        - stopped test relying on order of unordered search
        - bugfix for join-types in nested joins using the from attribute
        - obscure prefetch problem fixed
        - tightened up deep search_related
        - Fixed 'DBIx/Class/DB.pm did not return a true value' error
        - Revert change to test for deprecated find usage and swallow
        - Slight wording change to new_related() POD
        - new specific test for connect_info coderefs
        - POD clarification and content bugfixing + a few code formatting
        - POD::Coverage additions
        - fixed debugfh
        - Fix column_info stomping

Justin Guenther

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