[Dbix-class] Announcement: DBIx-Class-0.06999_02

Brandon Black blblack at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 23:31:18 CEST 2006

On 6/11/06, Matt S Trout <dbix-class at trout.me.uk> wrote:
> Brandon Black wrote:
> > On 6/10/06, Guillermo Roditi <groditi at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Found a Bug!! it breaks some stuff on cat::model::dbic::schema
> >>
> >> Line 318, and 299 have the following:
> >> if($DBIx::Class::VERSION < 0.069) {
> >>
> >> VERSION has a _2  which makes it text and it gets evaluated into 1 which is
> >>> 0.069!
> >
> > This isn't a DBIx::Class bug, it's a Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema
> > bug, and even then, the bug only exists for the dev versions that
> > contain "_" in their version numbers.  I'll put out a fixed Model
> > later today.
> I think the point is that 0.06999 is *also* greater than 0.069 - so shouldn't
> that code path be the intended one to follow for 069/07+ and hence be expected
> to work?

I initially figured there was something else wrong in the Model code
causing that, but as it turns out there was instead something wrong
with related code (which I also wrote, so unfortunately nowhere to
pass the blame here :) ) in DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI causing it.  So
the total fallout now that I've committed a fix for that is:

1) Ignore the "non-numeric" warning.  It will go away on release
versions and nothing wrong actually happens here, by sheer luck.  That
whole if test will be going away in a future version anyways, as soon
as DBIx::Class 0.07 series has been out in the real world for long
enough to bump Model's dependency.

2) If you install the svn version of DBIx-Class-current (or the next
dev release), things should work correctly.

If you can't install the svn version and just want a quick hack, you
can edit those "if $DBIx::Class::VERSION" lines and convince the Model
that the installed version of DBIx::Class is in fact < 0.069 (so set
them to true).

-- Brandon

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