[Dbix-class] Adding stuff via many-to-many relationships

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Jun 14 07:48:21 CEST 2006

Part of my database is a list of users, and a list of groups. Each group
can have multiple user, and each user can be in multiple groups. I've
set up a fairly standard many-to-many relationship (ie two tables with a
link table). Schema proper is here: http://pastebin.com/707955.

Anyway, I'm wondering what the best practice is for adding things to the
database via many-to-many relationships. Consider the case of creating a
new group, and putting a new user in it. This obviously works:

    my $g = $s->resultset("Group")
              ->create({name => "caped crusaders"});

    my $u = $s->resultset("User")
              ->create({name => "superman"});

      ->create({f_group => $g->groupid, f_user => $u->userid});

That seems rather clunky though. Why should I have to care about the
contents of the link table when DBIC already knows how these are linked

I tried this to add the user:

    my $u = $g->users->create({name => "superman"});

But I get this:

    DBIx::Class::ResultSet::create(): No such column f_group on Emma::Schema::User

Did I screw my schema? They do look right to me, but the docs are a
little thin on this.

What is the "correct" way to do add stuff while also updating the link

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