[Dbix-class] Example confusion -- my own

Ash Berlin ash at cpan.org
Thu Jun 22 23:32:59 CEST 2006

Alex Beamish wrote:
>     So join => 'tracks' doesn't mean join to the `tracks' table, it means
>     join to the `tracks' relationship, which happens to exist on the
>     `track' table. Just like in the first example you gave `cd' didn't
>     refer to a table, it referred to a relationship that just so happened
>     to be named the same as the table.
> So does DBIx::Class drop the trailing 's' and look for the first 
> relationship in the other table?
> The problem I'm having is that 'tracks' is in the Perl code, but 
> 'tracks' doesn't appear anywhere in the database, just 'track'. From 
> the database:

When you say join on tracks, it uses the relationship "tracks", which in 
the case of the tutorial is defined via

__PACKAGE__->has_many('tracks' => 'MyDatabase::Main::Track');

So, it then goes to MyDatabase::Main::Track and finds out what table that referes to, which in this case is "track"

Any clearer?


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