[Dbix-class] Migration from Class::DBI: Delete all table entries?

Steven Mackenzie dbix at aptile.co.uk
Wed Jun 28 16:25:41 CEST 2006

Matt S Trout wrote:

>A. Pagaltzis wrote:
>>>__PACKAGE__->set_sql("delete_all", <<"");
>>Note that you can omit that `WHERE` clause completely. It’s legal
>>syntax to say `DELETE FROM $table`.
>Which is exactly what DBIx::Class will do given the code snippet in my last 
>message :)
Hmm -- I'm not sure if I had a good reason for the WHERE 1=1, although I
think I tried it without first.

Maybe it was needed to stop CDBI putting a where clause in, or maybe it
was superstition, or I just thought it looked big and clever? Thanks for
your input -- it's all helpful to me!

Elsewhere, Matt S T wrote:

> Right. DBIC makes this easier for main usage by allowing schema objects 
(multiple connections per class tree :D).

Yup, I like that, and also the slightly more obvious class/instance
seperation in DBIxC vs CDBI. (As much as I find any Perl "obvious", anyway.)

Also like that I can swap between DBs (SQLite -> MSSQL) just by changing
the DSN, in CDBI I was using a different base class to get the autoinc
columns working.

However, it's a bit slow joining all the DBIxC bits together in my head
-- is there a class diagram somewhere? [not sure if I'm joking or not :-/ ]


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