[Dbix-class] Possible trouble with ResultSet::new_result, was: Why are these two relations different?

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 10:13:42 CEST 2006

I got an answer to one more question before giving up
on this:

[big snip]

> I can't figure out what module/method that
> ...->new(\%new) is referring to.  It's not referring
> to the new method in ResultSet.pm but I can't trace
> it
> from here.

[another big snip]

Turns out that for the case given,
ResultSet::new_result appears to be calling
InflateColumn::new during the line in question:

[In ResultSet:new_result]
my $obj = $self->result_class->new(\%new); 

This InflateColumn::new is extending Row::new(). 
However it is InflateColumn::new that is calling
column_info("-and") and causing the program to die.

My latest guess as to the nature of this problem is
that ResultSet::new_result is improperly populating
the %new hash and that there needs to be something
between "$self->result_class" and "->new(\%new);" to
make this work as I might expect it to.

Okay, I've put 4 days into this which is as much as I
can do.  I hope there is someone kind out there that
can turn on a light for me.  I'd offer a patch but I'm
not sure what exactly is the best thing to do.  For
now I'll go back to using straight SQL.



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