[Dbix-class] Accessing $dbh for blobs/large-objects

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 10:34:19 CEST 2006

--- Jesper Krogh <jesper at krogh.cc> wrote:

> > I've only been using this toolkit for about a
> week,
> > but I am also running Postgres8.1 and had had no
> trouble accessing BLOB
> > type fields using a bytea data type and the normal
> DBIx accessors, like
> > $"result_row->blob".  However I haven't tried to
> store
> > megabytes of stuff yet.  So I think it 'just
> works' the way you might hope,
> > although I am sure someone with more experience on
> the system will have
> > more informed thoughts than I.
> Storing data to BYTEA does _not_ work currently.
> Retrieving works
> flawlessly, since there is not changes to be done.
> (perldoc DBD::Pg)
> For storing BYTEA, I currently add a method to the
> individual class that
> does the magic on the database-handle. Works
> flawlessly and gives me
> "lazy" loading
> of the BYTEA-columns too, which (I think) is
> generally desireable.
> Jesper

You're right, it doesn't work if your data runs longer
than 4000 bytes.  At least I discovered it to be so on
the system I am using.  Since I used for small stuff
like web session data I never noticed.

I'll be watching this thread with interest since this
is something I'll eventually need.  I had a similar
problem back when I was using Oracle (and when I was
using straight DBI + SQL)  I had to write some
function to stream the data in/out from blob columns. 
Guess I'll need the same thing for here.

One thing that great about DBIx is that I'll be able
to add inflator/deflators for blobs that are images or
videos to automatically create EXIF and media
metadata.  The project I am working on will need
eventually need to stream video, allowing you to
choose an index point to start the stream.  Sounds
like you might be doing something similar ? --john

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