[Dbix-class] 'from' attribute docs suggestion (or is it a bug?)

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Wed May 10 13:37:53 CEST 2006

just following on from a discussion on IRC yesterday..
I was asking about why a 'from' clause in a search method of mine was causing
D::C to die with an error.*
The answer given was that I shouldn't be using 'from' at all, as I wasn't a
developer, and only people who were willing to read and grok the source code
should touch that attribute.

However, there is actually quite a lot of documentation for 'from' in the
manual (see perldoc DBIx::Class::ResultSet). (To mst's surprise :)

I believe that if you're going to put docs in for a function, then it should at
least be correct! Could someone fix the docs up?
Or perhaps the docs should include a note saying 'This doesn't work as

Or, is the documentation correct, and the code buggy?

I don't have enough D::C-fu to know myself.
One thing that definately doesn't seem to work as specified is the optionality
of the nested join block.


[*: It transpired that I was able to get the 'join' method to do what I wanted,
after some advice that the single() method wasn't intended to use attributes.]

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