[Dbix-class] can't use order by on a column created with "select as"

Gabrielle gabrielle at petfinder.com
Wed May 10 22:37:57 CEST 2006


I am just learning to use DBIx.  I am trying to select a group of volunteers
and order them by their geographic distance from a certain point.  I
calculate their distance from the given point and select it as a new column
called DISTANCE.  When I run the query without the "order_by" clause, I get
the results I am expecting including the calculated DISTANCE column.  But
when I try to order the results by DISTANCE, I get an error that says
DISTANCE is an unknown column.  I have also tried ordering by userLastName,
which works fine.  I am assuming the problem is that the 'DISTANCE' column
is created with the "select as" clause.  Please let me know if anyone has
run into this before.


Here is the query:


        $resultSet = $schema->resultset('Volunteer')->search(





                select => ['volAge', 'volDistanceWillTravel',
'volFirstTime', 'volHoursPerWeek',

                    'volNotes', 'volFosterDogs', 'volFosterCats',
'volFosterOther', 'volMailings',

                    'volTraining', 'volDogSoc', 'volCatSoc', 'volTelephone',

                    'volFundraise', 'volTransport', 'volClean', 'volWrite',

                    'volGrantWrite', 'volHomeVisit', 'volPetfinder',

                    'pfUser.userFirstName', 'pfUser.userLastName',
'pfUser.userCity', 'pfUser.userState', 

                    'pfUser.userEmail1', 'pfUser.userPhone1', 

                    {IFNULL =>
*cos(RADIANS(pfUser.userLat))*cos(RADIANS(pfUser.userLon-$G1)))", '0']},],

                as => [qw/volAge volDistanceWillTravel volFirstTime

                    volNotes volFosterDogs volFosterCats volFosterOther

                    volTraining volDogSoc volCatSoc volTelephone volAdmin 

                    volFundraise volTransport volClean volWrite volEvents

                    volGrantWrite volHomeVisit volPetfinder volUpdateDate

                    userFirstName userLastName userCity userState userEmail1
userPhone1 DISTANCE/],











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