[Dbix-class] Proposed DBIx::Class::Validate Changes

Aran Deltac aran at arandeltac.com
Sun May 14 08:51:32 CEST 2006

On 5/12/06, Christopher H. Laco <claco at chrislaco.com> wrote:
> /claco arises from the land of the dead
> Now that I've ditched a majority of my distractions (a zillion email
> lists and rss feeds, irc, icq, im, etc), I've finally got a good
> foothold on the Handel redesign using DBIC schemas.
> So far so good; great in fact. One of the changes I'm making is to move
> towards using Validate as a replacement for the old CDBI constraints. A
> couple of hacks later; making my Exception/Constraint::check pretend to
> be FormValidator::Simple, everything is pretty much working. The only
> feature I can't replicate is the fact that CDBI constraints could
> actually change the column values if they needed to.

Initially this seems better suited for inflation/deflation.  Do you
have examples of how this would be useful?

One example that comes to mind for me is some people like to store
phone numbers with only the digits - none of the formatting
characters.  But, this is a case where I'd almost rather have a
deflator that could deflate to just digits no matter the format, and
inflate to a nicely formatted number.

> Since this is apparently not possible in the Validation module, I'd like
> to propose the following minor change:
> Allow validate() to call set_columns() with the \%data it already has
> upon success():
> > sub validate {
> >     my $self = shift;
> >     my %data = $self->get_columns();
> >     my $module = $self->validation_module();
> >     my $profile = $self->validation_profile();
> >     my $result = $module->check( \%data => $profile );
> >     if (blessed $result && $result->success()) {
> >       $self->set_columns(\%data);
> >       return $result;
> >     } else {
> >       $self->throw_exception( $result );
> >     };
> > }
> I don't think that should effect anything else, but the tests will tell

Right, that wouldn't hurt anything as far as I know.  But, it seems
like the wrong point in the logic to be updating fields through

> the story. If no one has any objections, I'll work up a patch.

That would be great if you can talk me in to it.  :)  Also, Matt wants
me to move Validate to a separate distro.  I'll be doing that this


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