[Dbix-class] trouble with using 'select' in a search clause

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Wed May 17 10:47:36 CEST 2006


I'm trying to create a query to perform something like

SELECT me.*, invitees.* 
  FROM members_invitees me  
  JOIN invitees invitees 
  ON ( invitees.invitee_id = me.invitee_id ) 
WHERE ( member_id = 1 );

Now I have a DBIx class that defined two tables, one
called "members_invitees" and another called
"invitees".  These tables look like this:

  invitee_id (PK)

  member_id (PK, FK to table 'members')
  invitee_id (PK, FK to table 'invitees')
  status (FK to table 'status')

So the table "members_invitees" is a many to many
table between "members" and "invitees".

According to the documentation I can append columns to
the select statement.  Using the example given I
created a query (this is using Catalyst but should
show my meaning):

my $rs = $c->model("db::members_invitees")->search(
    member_id => $member->member_id
    select  =>['me.*','invitees.*'],
    join  => 'invitees',


I know it's bad form to use ?.*, but I simplified this
for the sake of clarity.

The returned resultset only contains accessors for the
three columns in "members_invitees" and nothing for
all the other column names mentioned in the select
condition.  Turning on debug mode shows that the
executed sql is identical to the one I showed above.
When I run this sql statement through psql it returns
the expected results. So I am not sure what is going
on.  It is likely I don't understand how this is
supposed to work.  Has anyone ran into this kind of
thing before?  Can someone point me to an example that
they actually used?  Greatly appreciated.

I've attached my actual dbix classes for the tables
mentioned in case a quick look at that would help you
understand what I am trying to do.


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