[Dbix-class] Branch status reports please

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed May 24 14:20:32 CEST 2006

I'd ideally like to put out 06999_01 this weekend, so I need a status 
report from anybody with a branch on how far it's come and whether it 
should merge back beforehand. Note that _01 won't be a hard freeze 
point, but I'd like at least to be able to declare _02 RC-quality so if 
you want stuff to make 07000 soon would be good :)

   - Carl Franks?
   - don't think this has been worked on much yet?

   - not even sure whose this is anymore
   - doesn't seem to have any changes; I'm guessing this is 08+ ?

   - dwc
   - needs to merge back for 07 since it makes older find semantics 
still work without disrupting the new and improved unique-key-driven find

   - bluefeet, jguenther?
   - would like to see this for 07 but it's an incremental improvement 
to helper stuff so we can probably sneak it into an 07xxx if we have to

   - bluefeet
   - want. want want want. want.

   - mine
   - not making it to 07; I'll be tearing SQL::Abstract to pieces and 
we've got enough major core changes already

   - castaway
   - not making it to 07; relies on SQL::Translator refactoring that's 
not going to be on CPAN soon enough

Branch owners/prodders/fettlers, sing out and tell me where you're up 
to, what of the above is dead wrong and how you feel about getting your 
changes into 07

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