[Dbix-class] Branch status reports please

Jess Robinson castaway at desert-island.demon.co.uk
Wed May 24 23:01:31 CEST 2006

On Wed, 24 May 2006, Matt S Trout wrote:

> I'd ideally like to put out 06999_01 this weekend, so I need a status
> report from anybody with a branch on how far it's come and whether it
> should merge back beforehand. Note that _01 won't be a hard freeze
> point, but I'd like at least to be able to declare _02 RC-quality so if
> you want stuff to make 07000 soon would be good :)
> versioning
>   - castaway
>   - not making it to 07; relies on SQL::Translator refactoring that's
> not going to be on CPAN soon enough
> Branch owners/prodders/fettlers, sing out and tell me where you're up
> to, what of the above is dead wrong and how you feel about getting your
> changes into 07

As you mentioned.. I currently have the SQLT Producers in pieces all over 
the floor.. ;) Hopefully sanity (or at least more of it) will ensue..

The actual versioning branch is getting some helpful bashing by omega, and 
some questinging which is helping me organise things, so we're getting 
somewhere.. Anyone else want to help?

Guess I should write some tests too.. sigh ;)


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