[Dbix-class] Announcement: DBIx-Class-0.06999_01

tom.kirkpatrick at virusbtn.com tom.kirkpatrick at virusbtn.com
Tue May 30 18:14:40 CEST 2006

$schema->storage->debugfh( IO::File->new('/tmp/sql.log', 'w') );

this was working in 0.06003, however, in _1, this results in:
Virtual method! at /www/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/DBIx/Class/Storage.pm 
line 10.

The following highlights the issue:

Index: t/91debug.t
--- t/91debug.t (revision 0)
+++ t/91debug.t (revision 0)
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
+use strict;
+use warnings; 
+use Test::More;
+use lib qw(t/lib);
+use DBICTest;
+my $schema = DBICTest->init_schema();
+plan tests => 2;
+ok ( $schema->storage->debug(1), 'debug' );
+ok ( $schema->storage->debugfh(IO::File->new('var/sql.log', 'w'), 
'debugfh') );

Daniel Westermann-Clark <daniel at acceleration.net> 
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28/05/2006 18:48
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[Dbix-class] Announcement: DBIx-Class-0.06999_01

I'm happy to announce a new developer release of DBIx::Class, in
preparation for 0.07000.  Lots of major ResultSet refactoring happened
for this release, so this is not considered RC quality.

Please test this version and let us know what breaks!

Changes from 0.06003:

0.06999_01 2006-05-28 17:19:30
        - add automatic naming of unique constraints
        - marked DB.pm as deprecated and noted it will be removed by
        - add ResultSetColumn
        - refactor ResultSet code to resolve attrs as late as poss
        - merge prefetch attrs into join attrs
        - add +select and +as attributes to ResultSet
        - added AutoInflate::DateTime component
        - refactor debugging to allow for profiling using
        - removed Data::UUID from deps, made other optionals required
        - modified SQLT parser to skip dupe table names
        - added remove_column(s) to ResultSource/ResultSourceProxy
        - added add_column alias to ResultSourceProxy
        - added source_name to ResultSource
        - load_classes now uses source_name and sets it if necessary
        - add update_or_create_related to Relationship::Base
        - add find_or_new to ResultSet/ResultSetProxy and
          to Relationship::Base
        - add accessors for unique constraint names and coulums to
        - rework ResultSet::find() to search unique constraints
        - CDBICompat: modify retrieve to fix column casing when
          ColumnCase is loaded
        - CDBICompat: override find_or_create to fix column casing
          when ColumnCase is loaded

Daniel Westermann-Clark

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Tom Kirkpatrick
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