[Dbix-class] [PATCH]DBIC::Cursor::Cached's cache key

atsushi kobayashi nekokak at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 01:47:18 GMT 2007


It is suggestion about the key to cash.
I guarantee that the key to cash does not repeat at the time of the use of DBIC
 from plural applications by including a name of SchemaName in the key to cash.

$ diff Cached.pm Cached.pm.org
<   return Digest::SHA1::sha1_hex(Storable::nfreeze([
ref($storage->schema),$args, $attrs ]));
>   return Digest::SHA1::sha1_hex(Storable::nfreeze([ $args, $attrs ]));

Does the patch seem good?

Atsushi Kobayashi

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