[Dbix-class] (OT) Do you use UUIDs?

Ben Staude sben1783 at yahoo.de
Mon Jul 2 22:45:21 GMT 2007

Am Montag 02 Juli 2007 15:33 schrieb John Napiorkowski:

[ quote of Chris H. Lacos message ]

> I also like to use uuids as PK as well, however when I
> am using them as PK's I prefer to use a custom domain
> and type in postgres to create them rather than use
> the DBIC plugin.  That way if my admins need to access
> the database directly and make changes (like add rows,
> etc.) or if I need to have the DB used by applications
> not using DBIC I don't need to worry that the PK's
> will get messed up.

Thank you very much for your answers up to now, Christopher and John! They 
make me a lot more confident that uuid is what I want. But the statement 
about direct access to the databases bypassing dbic makes something ring in 
my head... As far as I know, sqlite doesn't support uuids by itself, so I 
would have to rely on dbic resp. Data::UUID.
Does it, as a not-so-easy-bypassable alternative, make any sense to use some 
sort of "quasi-uuid" that is implemented as an INSERT trigger? Something 
like "DATETIME + RANDOM" or so? My keys don't necessarily need to be 
*universally* unique, but only for my specific application where it's 
unlikely that two instances are run at the very same time.

You talk about "custom domain and type in postgres", which sounds a bit like 
your own "uuid"-implementation, but I don't really get the idea how you 
actually do it.

> I do this when I get to use Postgresql.  When I have
> to use Mysql I just go with oldschool serial PKs.
> --john

Thanks a lot - Ben

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