[Dbix-class] RFC: Load from SQL

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Tue Jul 10 19:20:25 GMT 2007

Hi all (and especially Brandon Black),

Jeff Zucker (jZed), here (author/maintainer of DBD::CSV, DBD::AnyData, 
SQL::Statement and various other DBI related modules).  I wanted a DBIC 
loader that would work with the DBDs that do not store metadata (other 
than column names) so I wrote a little wrapper around SQL::Translator 
and DBIx::Class::File that will parse DDL on the fly, create DBIC schema 
classes in memory (and optionally to file).

In addition to serving as a loader for DBD::CSV etc. this wrapper 
supports file-less prototyping of schemas for any DBD.  You can just 
feed it SQL statements (DDL and optionally also DML) to create and 
populate a test schema and begin using DBIx::Class on it directly 
without creating any module files (and if you use temp tables, without 
any db footprint either).

The module and a working sample script can be found at


Castaway tells me that Matt suggested this should be named something 
like DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::SQL.  Should I release this as a 
separate module or (as I'd prefer) just submit it as a patch to 
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader?  If the latter, what version should I patch 

P.S. It won't work with DBD::CSV etc. yet, I need to release the next 
version of SQL::Statement for that.


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