[Dbix-class] review of various RDBMS ?

Marc Espie espie at nerim.net
Mon Jul 16 11:23:46 GMT 2007

I was wondering if some people have played with various RDBMs, and what
they think of them.

Initially, not knowing very much, I came to DBIx::Class. I still follow
the list and look at it, but I am currently exploring Rose::DB::Object.

The plusses for me:
- it appears to be faster;
- the organization is somewhat saner. I *like* the explicit separation between
metadata, column stuff and search objects.
There are `clean' subclassing entries; it looks simpler to extend.
- it appears to fully support many-to-many relationships (after trying
searches with DBIx::Class).

The minuses:
- less bells and whistles, especially with respect to search objects
- probably less integrated with Catalyst (?)
- not as much used
- somewhat longer to learn

As far as I'm concerned, not finding full support in DBIx::Class wrt
many-to-many was the point that made me look elsewhere... and merlyn's
columns decided me to have a look at Rose::DB::Object.

I haven't explored Gantry stuff, nor the original Class::DBI...

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