[Dbix-class] ANNOUNCE - Muldis::DB v0.2.0 released

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Sat Jul 21 07:57:49 GMT 2007


I am pleased to announce the release of Muldis::DB version 0.2.0 for 
Perl 5 on CPAN.  You can see it now, with nicely HTMLized 
documentation, at:


This is a semi-major release, though I am not announcing it too 
widely, but just to the Muldis-DB and TTM and DBIx-Class lists 
(others can just notice it on CPAN).

The main reason I am bringing this release to your attention is that 
it is the first one where the documentation has significantly fleshed 
out what the system-defined operators of Muldis D are.

In particular, it is the first release to define a significant 
fraction of relational algebra or calculus operators, which are 
absolutely necessary to work with relational databases and/or to 
substitute for SQL.

specifically to read about the operators, and the data types they 
apply to.

This release, and the prior one, saw various other significant 
changes, including renamed and split up files, but no significant 
additions of functionality to the code itself (which should be coming 

See the "Changes" file for more details of what changed in the last 
few releases.

Generally speaking, I am trying to have a new release about once 
every week, so today's shows my progress part-way through defining 
the Muldis D operators and defining the system catalog / meta-model.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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