[Dbix-class] RFC: Thoughts on a serialization format for Classes

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 29 19:44:23 GMT 2007


I am seriously considering writing a system to create
DBIx Classes via a configuration file.  Since the
default for creating these classes are primarily
package method calls I think this could be pretty

So we could replace:

package myapp::Schema::foo

__PACKAGE__->load_components( ... );

(rest of your setup)

With (something like in evil YAML)

    table: foo
      - comp1
      - comp2

and so forth.

We'd need an standard for package methods that can
have multiply invocations, most the relationship
stuff, but I think something like:

  bars: myapp::Schema::bar
    foreign.id: self.barfk
  bats: myapp::Schema::bat
    foreign.id: self.batfk

The above is just a first guess as to how this could
work.  I'd use config::any or similar so that you can
use the configuration of your choice.  My imagination
is telling me this could be a new method on Schema,
that would be like ->load_classes, but would accept a
Perl structure to auto create the classes.

So I was wondering what people thought of the idea, if
you'd find it useful or am I off in my own world?

One objection I can see is that it makes it harder to
add active record style methods, but you could always
specify a custom result or resultclass to handle this.

Anyway, just my Sunday afternoon rumblings.  Would
appeciate thoughts and feedback from the group.


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